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Using Polypad: Games and Applications


This tutorial provides an overview of the Games and Applications section. Below are the topics covered. We also have a separate tutorial page for Logic and Computing.

  • Chess
  • Clocks
  • Question Builder


Click Reset to fill the chess board. Use the Hints menu to select between Off, Moves, and Danger. When “Moves” is selected, as pieces are moved, all possible moves are shown in orange. When “Danger” is selected, safe moves are shown in blue and moves that could result in the piece being taken are shown in red. Click Randomize to fill the board with 16 random pieces of each color.


Turn on and off the second hand in the clocks using the "Toggle Seconds" button. Change colors of clocks using the color picker.

Question Builder

The Question Builder feature only appears in Teacher Accounts. Change your account from a Student Account to a Teacher Account in Account Settings. Use the Question Builder to embed auto-correcting answer boxes to Polypads.

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